Monday, November 5

Prayers Answered? So quickly??

OK. It's ok. Like my daughter said. My brother got to Europe and they turned his unit around and he came home. Some kept going. But his came home. He is now safe and sound in KY. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions over the past few days. I want to THANK EVERYONE who commented on my last post, and perhaps all the prayers helped and that's why he came home so quickly. (but I never thought in my wildest dreams it would be the next day!)
It is a good reminder to us, though, of all of the other men and women still fighting and still at war. Still away from their families and loved ones. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers through the holiday season. It's because of them we can sleep soundly at night.
On a brighter note, The print on the left, is one I did a few years ago. Falling leaves in Autumn. I thought it was appropriate for the season. Not too much longer and the entire world up here will be browns and greys. All the leaves are falling from the trees and the color's almost past. That's when the snow can come. As far as I'm concerned, if it's cold, there might as well be snow on the ground to brighten up the landscape.
A few more weeks and I can decorate for Christmas, and I have to say, I LOVE it!! My most favorite time of the year.. isn't that how the song goes? It's nice to be happy again, and I must say, I got a lot of house cleaning done and all my orders out. Who knew nervous energy could be so productive?


Rita Weiss said...

Oh Abbie, such a great post and a great reminder to us all that prayers can be answered so quickly!! God bless you and your brother and family.... Such fantastic news. OH~ and I will be in touch. I'd love to see you again. xo

Mary said...

Yaaay! Abbie, I'm thrilled for you! I hope everyone does remember the men and women still fighting over there this Thanksgiving.

I love your Autumn Leaves print -- beautiful!

How long is winter in NH? I don't know if I could deal with snow on the ground from Nov thru April!

Anke said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear your brother is back! Looks like all the prayer really helped.
Speaking of trees, we had a wonderful fall time with the leave change and everything until tonight, we had our fist kind of strom and all the leaves are gone....bummer, at least I had to chance to take some more fall time pictures this week. They predicted snow here tomorrow, so let's see what mess it will be, because that is usually a one day things with a lot of chaos on the road and than it's over with again.....but on Christmas snow would be soooo awesome, didn't had that in years.
Well, just stopped by to say hi and of course wish you a lot of fun planning your Christmas deco already!

tongue in cheek said...

glorious miracle!

just lisa said...

I read the post below this first and was so sad for you all and then read this and now I am so happy for you all. Thank God he came back home!!