Saturday, December 29

New Beginnings.. Part II..

New space. I have a blank slate waiting for me on the third floor. Since my nice neat closet has been reassigned, I have decided to take over one of the empty rooms upstairs. As to when I will actually get the time to make that change, now that's another 'story'. (hehehe.. excuse the pun..) Right now all my shop items, crafty goodies, bits and pieces are being 'stored' above the garage. I could transform that space back into my studio (it was before Baby A was born) but I don't get much opportunity to venture up there and it's heated separately from the house. I am hoping once the room on the 3rd floor is fixed up, I can go up there and work once the kids are all sleeping. OK, I know it's a stretch, but I have to find hope that I can work again somehow, right?

So, right now, my shop at Etsy will be very limited. (it is not reopened yet) Just a select few items will be for sale, listed and shipped when time and family life allows. I do have a few rolls of antique and vintage wallpaper that I will be posting for a steal, so that I don't have to store them, move them, sort them, etc..

Now.. on to the paint color!! Yes, I am in search of the perfect color for the room. It has a skylight, and a window, so plenty of natural light steams in. I am looking for a Robin's Egg blue. Close to a grey, but pale. Hmm.. time to check out paint websites..


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Enjoy your new beginnings. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with such a marvelous space.

Thank you for your kind remarks this week. It meant a lot. I am sorry for your family's recent loss.

ELLIE said...

WOW - what a great space girlfriend--
I truly hope you get A LOT of time to need to make time..."a new beginning" what a great way to start one with a new craft room....
I so look forward to seeing what you do....hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!

Rhondamum said...

WOW! I am so envious! What a fantastic room and view. I think it will be a perfect spot just for you. Just remember that you deserve that space and time for you!

I love robin's egg blue. Please post some pictures after you finish your new space. Consider this something that you have to do for all of us, "Oh, I promised all of my blog friends I would get this room done for myself. Better get on it, dishes can wait".

I will be checking for that wallpaper! Take care and chat soon!


Todd Bonita said...

Hi Abbie,

Thanks for the comments on my blog, you're very complimentary, thanks sincerely. By the way, tell me those pictures from your drive on Dec 21 post are from North Conway area...absolutely breathtaking!!! I'll be skiing Attitash the 20th of January with my wife but am inspired to take a photo drive. My God it's beautiful up there.

All my best to you.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Well hello Abby! What a wonderful space you have. I too have been thinking of new beginnings and a few new directions I will be taking and I am quite excited about the whole thing! I just know you will have many special goodies in the shop, and I can hardly wait to take a peek! Wishing you and your family a joyous and prosperous New Year!



Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Abbie, it is me again! Sorry for the misspelling of your sweet name! :o)


Anke said...

Oh that will be such a great art space! Hope you find the time soon to get it ready. It's so much worth having your own art space. Looking forward to see the progress/process of getting it ready ;) Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

Hi Abbie !

I want that desk !!
You would be so sad if you did not have a little creative time to yourself , i know i would be . A space of your own , is what you do need .
A Happy New Year to you all !

Zanne said...

That space is going to be a fabulous studio. You can finish it in stolen moments, can't you? Robin's egg blue sounds perfect but also consider beach glass blue. I painted my bedroom closet that color and my son announced the he wanted to move in to the closet. I'll be looking forward to warching the transformation.

Sherry said...

You and I are on the same course of action here...I'm redoing the back bedroom into my "studio" but it also has to function as a bedroom for oldest son when he's home from Uni. I'm going with a parchment on the walls then adding colour on one small wall and in accent pieces. Happy paint's good to dream Abbie..good to have something to work towards, even if you aren't in there "immediately". Creating a space for yourself can be fun all on it's own!