Wednesday, December 26

A new, fresh beginning..

Well, the hullabaloo is over.. all that is left are bits of paper, tags, ribbons and packaging. I hope everyone had a most delightful Christmas and I hate to say, I am SSOOOO happy it is over! The intent was there to post a spectacular Christmas post full of thoughtful quotes and lovely images, but like all my other Christmas plans, it fell flat and I spent most of the past few days in a great tizzy, with tons of last minute shopping and ALL the wrapping to do. T woke up on Christmas morning with a horrid cold and needless to say, today is going to be a quiet day, full of cleaning and sorting. C has gone back to work and tomorrow, or this weekend the decorations come DOWN. Time for spring. Flowers, birds, green grass, new leaves, oh. wait.. we still have THREE months of snow left. Or four, depending on the temperament of Mother Nature and Global Warming this year. So, I leave you for my cleaning.. I am in some serious need to visit Ellie. (She's in Florida!) :) Or perhaps, to climb aboard the ship that is about to depart below, sit on deck and wave to all the poor souls still on land as we pull out from the harbor. Maybe to a tropical or exotic destination. Africa or South America? Anyone want to join me?

Enjoy the chaos that follows and be sure to show me your fabulous Sale finds from all your after Christmas shopping!!

My Brother 'ships' out today.. please keep all the men and women who are overseas and away from their families this holiday season in your thoughts and prayers.


NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Abbie: I love the new look of your site... Everything looks lovely! May our Lord continue to bless you, and your family during the approaching New Year. Hope you and yours had a marvelous Christmas!


Carolyn said...

I`m so glad it is over as well . But i hope you had some fun Abbie !

Sherry said...

Abbie, glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas and I'm with you..the chaos is incredible...that leads up to the day and then it's over in a "poof". I keep things to a minimum this year and that seemed to help.

Sending many wishes, blessings and Gods speed to your brother.

ELLIE said...

I so know how you feel about your brother deploying out.....but you know that already...please know he will remain constant in my prayers until he is safely home again.
Now - COME ON DOWN...the weather is WARM and sunny....and disney is just dying for visitors - LOL - Mickey Mouse is looking good for his
Personally I am into the cruise hunnie has never been on a cruise and I would love to go with him on one...hmmmm....dreaming is good!!!
Yes I too am glad the craziness of the holidays is over....had a great one here but tired.
I hope you have a great evening...Good to hear from ya!!

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
It's an awful lot of work and chaos for one day, isn't it? My daughter got sick on Christmas eve, too, so our day today was a quiet one. I don't do the after Christmas sales, but I did get some great thrift store buys that I'll blog about soon. I received the icicles on Christmas eve -- they are SO beautiful, and look great on our tree. Thank you so much!!!

Your brother is in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything his unit could use, I'm sure a lot of us would love to send them a care package. Let me know.

Looking forward to spring here, too! :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I'm with you, Abbie..... Bring on Spring! I will take down my meager Christmas decorations over the next week and hopefully "freshen up" the look of the place with some paint and rearrangement.

My thoughts and prayers are with your brother and all all brave servicemen and women.

Hope your cold does not linger long ((Hugs)) Rosie

peggylee said...

Hi Abbie, I was reading a blog over at pam garrison,and found your name and click on it, I love your blog and guess what I live in New Hampshire too. Were do you live, I live in Whitefield, NH in the White Mountians.

Donna said...

I'm ready to go with you aboard that ship Abbie! I too am looking forward to spring. Won't be long. We have another Christmas celebration this weekend and then that's it! No more Christmas.
Wishing you the best in the coming year, and to your brother too, I will keep in him my prayers.

Junie Moon said...

I will definitely keep your brother in my prayers!

I can't share my after-Christmas shopping finds with you as I never do that. Instead I'll tell you that I visited a live tropical butterfly exhibit at the botanical gardens on the day after Christmas. That was awesome!

Rhondamum said...

Hey Abbie!

I want to come on your trip too. I am so ready for a vacation. Let's all plan a girl's trip only I say!

I am really ready to take down the decorations, but am going to fight that for a few more days.

I do have some treasures to share that I am sure you would love too. I was able to get my very own large 100+ year old ledger. It isn't as lovely as the pages I got from you, but still a beautiful find. I am torn between ripping pages out or keeping it all together.

Hope all is well. Looking forward to more of your posts!