Saturday, January 12

Humble pie..

I have just received this lovely award from Rosie at Rosie's Whimsy. Thank you! thank you! Really, to me, it doesn't seem like my blog is anything too overly special. It tends to be all over the place as I never focus on anyone thing for too long. Alrighty then, my understanding is I need to give 7 odd facts about myself.. hmm.. something you haven't already heard... OK. Here it goes..

#1.) I dry off IN the shower because I just hate to step out into the cold bathroom soaking wet. (I do turn the water off first.. hehehe.)

#2.) As much as I advertise my crafty supplies for scrapbooking and provide giveaways for scrapbooking sites, I, myself, have actually NEVER created a scrapbook page. Not one. But, I do love to look at them.

#3) I adore reading but haven't read a book from cover to cover since the Number Seven of the Harry Potter Series came out.

#4) There is not a decorating or art style that I don't love. Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Traditional, Country, Victorian, British Colonial, Early American, Shaker, Amish, Urban, Art Deco, you name it I love it! (Perhaps that is why I can't settle down and find a better rhythm for my blog.. or atleast some consistency.) Hence the soapstone counters, guilded frame mirror, early american reproduction lighting, comtemporary Kohler faucets, and beadboard cabinet sides in our bathroom. It all works together.. very eclectic!

#5) I was prom queen.. but wait it gets better.. it was rigged! Not by me, but by the underclassmen.. long story.. funny one..

#6) This one I took out because.. well, just because.

#7) I am hopefully buying the paint today for the room on the third floor. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

I must pass along this award.. Sooo... drumroll please! I am giving this award to Mary, at the The Little Red House. I just love her blog and I stop by every morning.

OK.. enough blah blah blah.. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
:) Abbie


Rosie's Whimsy said...

ooooh...the prom queen story sounds juicy :-)

I love your bathroom and can't wait to see your choice of paint color. That will be a fabulous room to escape to. I will be awaiting in anticipation.

Thanks for playing along......Rpsoe

Tara said...

You have a great way of putting things together and have been an inspiration to begin my own blog--hope you'll stop for a visit!