Sunday, January 13

just too much.

i am taking a break from blogging for awhile.
perhaps a post here and there but it is just so hard to find the moments that are needed to chat. to come up with something bright to say without whining about my life.
its time to find a better state of mind then, perhaps, i'll share again.
thank you to those who visit, comment, support.
you have helped me grow and be a better 'me'.
i take more time, i think, it to pause every now and again.
sometimes when something happens or i see something, i say to myself
'ha! i have to share that with my blogger friends!'
'Mary would love that!'
'Oh! that has the Eiffel Tower on it! Rhonda would love it!'
I'll be contacting everyone about the swap shortly.
so, if you stop and visit, but i haven't been here for a while,
all is OK, it's just time for reality to be my priority for now.
my shop is closed too.