Monday, January 14

No Comment..

Hi Everyone!
Just as I am taking a break, I thought I'd offer you one too. I have shut off the comments to my posts so when you visit, you can read, enjoy, peek at photos and take off. Sometimes it's nice not feel required to comment when you visit. I know for myself, it is hard to find the time! Or my daughter is on my lap, typing at the same time I am and trying to get the proper words out while fighting with her is just impossible. :) If you would like to comment on something, or just want to say 'hi' you can most definitely email me at, but don't feel obligated. It has felt quite liberating yesterday, not having the need to peek at the PC and see if someone visited and left a comment. (as you can tell.. I wasn't able to stay away too long.. )

OK.. onto other things.. please go and check out Tara and her new blog, 'Days Missed on a Hammock'. I have truly enjoyed my read so far and think its going to be a great addition to the blogging community.
I would like to send out a big 'Thank you' to Ellie for the wonderful award she passed onto me.. I'm going to shrug away from passing it on to any one person and offer it to everyone who stops and visits! You all make my day, everytime you visit and pass along the love!

It is snowing here.. alot. We are suppose to get another 6 - 10 inches today. Z is home from school and everything is pretty peaceful right now. I have been redecorating my daugher's room and have some pics to post soon. Please have a lovely week!

♥ Abbie

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