Tuesday, January 15

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

Yesterday it snowed. All day long it snowed. It used to be my Mother-in-Law's birthday (she said she wasn't having anymore..) So.. I made Valentine's Cupcakes instead of a Birthday Cake. Delightful lemon cake with pink-lemon frosting. The top tier has sprinkles because they are just so much fun, but the bottom cupcakes are without, so those who don't like the crunch are also satisfied. I used a mismatched set of round crystal platters that my mother had given me as the stand. In the center I flipped a crystal bowl to hold the top platter.
Isn't it just so much fun to have pretty cupcakes? T kept sneaking up to the kitchen counter and running her finger through the frosting of the bottom cakes. They were just too attractive to a two year old.. I don't blame her, if I had the excuse of youth with me, I would have done the same thing! Instead, I waited until everyone was sleeping and I ate one in bed. Yep. In bed. There is nothing sweeter!

For the actual Valentine's Day I think I'll make these again, but instead of sprinkles (or perhaps in combo with..) I would like to print some vintage Valentine's mirror image and glue them onto toothpicks and insert them in the center of the cakes. Just like little flags of love! ♥

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