Friday, January 25

Note to self..

Note to self: OK, When looking for blog comments do not post about pea soup. I know, it is not the most appealing of soups. Or the nicest looking, but really, it needs it's time to shine too! :) How about lobster? Anyone like lobster? Dinner rolls? Those are usually a hit.

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On to brighter things! I started showing you 'a few of my favorite things' the other day, so I though we'd continue on our journey. First off, its cold here. -1.8 at 7:45 this morning. Ughh. I feel like a frozen alligator.

Above is an antique ginger jar my in laws gave me. I just love the drawing on it.. Beside it is just a colorful stack of old books. (I just adore old books, the more worn the better!) Below, an image of the lake we live next to in NH and the jar is a piece of pottery my grandfather had commissioned to sell his maple syrup in. The decoy was a gift for my husband a few years ago.

Some dish towels that hang form my stove. I just love the hand appliqued birdie!

The top image is of the seat to an antique chair my hubby got from his grandfather, and the bottom, is one of a pair of lanterns we have flanking the french doors in our great room.

I also would like to wish Dear Mary a very Happy, Healthy Birthday! Enjoy your day!


Mary said...

Thank you so much! Loved your pictures from around the house, especially that pretty chandelier and your ginger jar -- beautiful! I love pea soup, too. :)

Stay warm!

Suzanne said...

The dreaded curse of the pea soup! The images are all lovely but I'm drawn to that towel with the little chickadee. So sweet.

Firefly Hill said...


Love all your lovely things! And the pea soup looks delish!


p.s. stay warm!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Such charming photos of charmingly displayed treasures. I love your little chickadee, too!

Suzanne said...

Abbie - Wait! I was here this morning. There was no lobster on the plate. I would have noticed!! You snuck in and put a lobster on the plate, just so you could get more comments. Sneaky girl.

Sherry said...

Abbie, pea soup is just one of those soups that has nothing very appealing about it to look at -- but is one of THE best tasting soups in the world!! :)

Loved the look around your house with favourite objects -- I have a feel for your home now -- and I too love old books -- there is something very warm about them.

ELLIE said...

what great eye candy - so many cute stuffies - holding wonderful memories!!
Thanks for sharing them...
sorry you are so frozen...I will not talk about the weather here - but in the news a few weeks ago when we had the BIG Miami - the lizards were falling out of the trees dead...they froze...OMG - so when you mentioned alligator that is what came to mind...sorry - we laughed because the only thing that came to mind was that we could imagine the tourists were standing there and it is raining know - sick but true...thought you might get a chuckle out of it...or not - but I wanted to "share" that - lol
sending sunshine your way...
take care

Anke said...

Oh, lobster, I woulnd't even know to make it ;) Thanks for showing your favorite things in your house, they are all so precious. Enjoy living with them ;) Smiles, Anke ;)