Tuesday, January 22

Water.. must.. have.. water..

Oy! It is cold! and dry. OK, it's down right crispy. Static everywhere. T and I are constantly brushing the static-y frizzles out of our face. Most annoying, I must say. To fight the dryness I started the humidifier in the kitchen. I have the candle lit on the stove top to help keep the cold from settling through the stove exhaust hood. It vents to the outside. (Hey, if you burned as much food as I do, you'd need it vented to the outside too ..)

Lotion. Creams. These three sit on my kitchen windowsill, always at the ready. Due to changing diapers, wiping noses, etc.. I am constantly washing my hands. So.. I try to put on cream after. I hate dry, itchy skin. I even have a handy tool to help me put lotion on my back. It is a soft spongy thing on the end of a stick. You put cream on it and, like a back scratcher, you rub it on your back. It reaches all those places I just can't get to. You know the spot exactly in the center of your back, where the itches always are? Well, it reaches everything! I bought it at Walmart in the 'pamper-yourself-with-junk-isle'. The lovely tall, green, glass bottle of lotion came from J. She gave it to me for Christmas and it is most definitely my favorite. It is from Bath and Body Works... Yummy!
Stay warm, and moist!


Suzanne said...

I use the old fashioned method of keeping a large pot of water simmering on the stove.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh boy! I just ran out to the kitchen to put a candle on the stove... I can feel the cold in every nook and cranny this morning. I'm going to light candles just for the look of warmth at this point.

Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
Love your lotions! I always get dry skin at this time of year, and I'm not changing diapers or wiping snotty noses either! I DO wash my hands a lot, although thus far I've not managed to escape many germs! LOL

Hope it warms up soon!

Caron said...

A ~
I do appreciate your encouragement. Thank you for the affirmation. It's helping me to go in a more positive direction in terms of my career. YES, I think I would really like a career (as opposed to a job).

Have you seen the new book "30,000 Years of Art" ... I just picked it up. I've gotten out of the habit of buying big art books, but this one was different. Check it out ... it's quite inspirational.

Love you lots!

Sherry said...

Abbie -- I know exactly the spot...as I was reading this I can feel the itch on 'that' spot on my back!! :)

I'm with you and creams..my hands are so dry right now and my whole body needs moisture!!

How nice to be able to leave comments!! :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh Girl, I know what you mean! I hate the feel of dry winter skin. I need a heavy moisturizer to combat alligator skin.......and humidifiers....can't live without them. OK, now I need a drink of water.....hehehe

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

As I sit here, at "Command Central", ceramic heater blowing hot air on me, I can feel the skin just drying up...trusty lotions are close by...just can't get enough!

Amber said...

I sit on top of at least 5 springs, and I have a humidifier in almost every room. And if you don't mind "wasting" it, rub on a little olive oil after you shower (still damp) then put lotion on. Smooth all day...no more itchy.