Wednesday, January 23

These are a few of my favorite things...

When I browse around other people's blogs I just love the images. The pics grab me, if I like them, then I'll read what goes along with them.. but it is most definitely the images that get my interest peeked. No images, I probably won't stay to read unless the title line is really fetching.. I know, judging a book by it's cover, so to speak. But that is the way my mind works, I am an extremely visual person.. so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things from around my home with you.. first my daughters nursery. Most of the accessories I made myself. It was the first large sewing project I tackled and it took me the entire winter I was pregnant with her to finish all the sewing. First I put together the quilt that hangs over the edge of the crib. Then came the crib skirt, the hanging caddy on the end, the bolster pillow (and a few other pillows), a diaper caddy, and crib bumper.

Above is a mobile that my mother, son and I made one afternoon. I cut squares of pink and green felt and we decorated them with shiny bits and buttons. Put two back to back with embroidery floss running through the center and beaded heavy metal beads at the ends to give it some weight and swing. Balancing the piece was the hardest. I used a round piece of cardboard covered with fabric. Anchored the strings in the center and moved them around the circle until it balanced right. then I secured them in place. A very inexpensive project and so much fun to make!

The room was screaming for a bit of sparkle so I choose this petite 'chandelier' for the center lighting.

Above is a spattering of their blankets. The crocheted piece T's aunt had made for her. I just love the little roses in the corner. That wonderful water blue is the back color to the striped quilt and the corner pink squares are of the quilt I made..

Well, I took a slew of pics from around the house this morning so stop back by again soon to peek at more of my favorite things..


Rosie's Whimsy said...

The crib set is wonderful, the blankets are so sweet, and that little chandy is to die for! I feel the same way about pictures. That's always what floats my boat on my favorite blogs. ((hugs)) Rosie

Tara said...

How lovely and the colors!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Cute room, Abbie! Very creative & perfect for a little girl.

I'm with you on the pics, that's why I post so many myself!


ELLIE said...

I so love the pics....what a cute cute room!!!!
Love the mobile you made...what a great idea!
Thanks for sharing it all!

Firefly Hill said...


Very lovely photos-thanks for sharing! That first one is so gorgeous, I thought it was from a magazine! Great work.


Sherry said...

Abbie, this is so beautiful -- the colours of the room, the quilt (you did a wonderful job with this!!) and the mobile!! And I love the "sparkle" -- I want one just like it for my room!!!!!

I know what you mean about things being visually appealing -- I am the same way -- it's an important element to me. What appeals to one person isn't necessarily going to appeal to another but it's like going into someone's home when you visit a blog -- you want to feel welcome.

Anke said...

Hi Abbie! I haven't been here in a of couple days and you have been busy posting! I really like that the comments are on again too! And I'm not dissappointed or mad when you are not leaving a comment to what I said. Beautiful beddings for your daughters bed! And the mobile, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm also a visual person, but I like to peek into a book before I buy it, even I love the cover. Too bad that not all books have the option to peek inside. Have a great day, smiles, Anke