Tuesday, February 19

A little bird helped me pass the time..

Our weather here in NH has been absolutely crazy! After every snowstorm we get inches of rain.. homes and buildings are buckling under the weight and most spirits are starting to buckle from being housebound. It is even hard to take the children out to play. Everything is covered in ice, and the snow (almost 4 feet in spots) is so hard we can walk on top. The dogs can now peek in the kitchen window when they go out. Very strange to see... Yesterday it poured all day. So I crocheted; brought out my book and found a cute little birdie pattern.

Just like when I cook, (I tend to make recipes my own by changing and adding) I mixed up this pattern some as well. I am very happy with the way it turned out! It has a contrasting beak, and the silver bead is more like an eye than the buttons. I just need to attach a pin back to it and I can have a little birdie to wear! (mine is chubbier too!) It only took about an hour or so.. a cute little project for a rainy day..


Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
Love the new color!!! It's so beautiful and spring-like. Love the polka dots, too! :)

We haven't gotten nearly as much snow as you, but the combination of snow and then ice and then rain is really getting old. It's just above freezing today, so the ground is awash in thawing puddles and mud. Yuk.

Your crocheted birdie is so cute! Hang in there -- hopefully, spring WILL come...
BTW, Do you have any pictures with the blue hair? I'd love to see one! LOL

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hello Abbie, it's so beautiful! The little bird you created. Make more :) I think you'll be able to sell them and they will make good gifts.

I also like your new blog design, it's dainty and refreshing.

About the weather. It's so strange isn't it? I wonder what God is up to, He IS up to something... something good: Yesterday the snow was gone. This morning i peeped through the blinds and we were covered with snow flurries. then the wind blew them all and right now the sun is shining....

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Abbie,

Love your little birdie..so cute!
I am counting the days until spring!


Carolyn said...

Hi Abbie !
I just LOVE your crochet birdie !
And it is a good idea , you could sell them !

Tara said...

You are always up to someting so creative!
Sorry to hear about your weather! What's it like walking on top of snow??

Anonymous said...

Love your little birds!