Monday, February 18

Well, my blog redesign is coming along.
What do you think so far?
I'm not sure about the background..
I'd like something with a pattern,
but the pale blue works for right now..


Kathleen Grace said...

I love the color, Robins egg blue is my new favorite. I love your banner too:>)

Anonymous said...

Looking Good!!!

amanda said...

Very cute! And of course I LOVE the polka dots!!!

I've been working on mine as well! Come by for a peek!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's looking really good. The pale blue looks so fresh and spring-like.

Tara said...

It is looking great!

Sherry said...

I'm on my son's laptop tonight so I can't really "see" the light blue properly -- I will look in the morning, but from what I can make out, I like it -- and I like the polka dots on the side bars!