Monday, February 4

Precious Moments and Little Gifts..

A peekie at the goodies that are going out...

Lately I have been filling my time with little things.. I am working on a Grannie Square Blanket for my brother in Afghanistan. (or perhaps is it an afghan?) Not to sound cliche, but the days seem to go by so quickly. After he left, I found that the days blurred together and before I noticed, a week had gone by and I hadn't given him or his situation a thought. In the evenings, once the girls are tucked in bed and the house is quiet, I sit at the foot of T's bed (she won't fall asleep unless I am in the room) and crochet. Because the squares are easy, I don't need much light to work by. I found that my thoughts were drifting to my brother, so I decided the blanket should be for him. Now, no matter how crazy my days get, I stop, pause, and send thoughts and prayers his way every day. I don't know if he gets them, or will want the blanket when I am done, but that is not the point. It's my time to spend with him, even if he so very far away.

The colors are above, pale and almost faded. Not really masculine or what you might think of when you think of a Specialist Sergeant in the Army, but they were our grandmother's. When she passed away my mother got all of her yarns. There were 12 baby weight skeens, in these three colors, soft and wonderful to work with. I just love the grey, cream and salmon together. I was able to make 11 squares from one ball, so hopefully the finished piece will be big enough to really enjoy once its done.

Above, is my little bundle of love and good wishes for.... well, you'll just have to wait until she get it!

I truly enjoyed every minute that I worked on your swaps. I wasn't able to make them quite as large as I wanted, as I had 9 to do. 3 are shipping International and the other 6 are going Priority Mail today. Ouch! That 'll hurt the wallet, but it is so worth every penny! I hope you enjoy them! I am hoping to host an Easter Swap as well, but next time make it a 'Three for Three' swap... I'll let you know once I figure it out!

Have a fabulous day!


janie said...

I am sure your brother will just love and cherish the blanket. Something warm and soft to remind him of loved ones.
God Bless your brother for protecting our country. May God keep him safe.

Tara said...

There's nothing like the feel of a crocheted blanket on your skin, all the warm feelings of home. He'll love it!

Carolyn said...

I`m sure your brother will treasure it - just because you made it with love , for him .

And the swap parcels looks divine Abbie ! It`s not the size that matters - to me anyway . I`m sure we`ll all be delighted with what we receive !!


Mary said...

Hi Abbie,
What a beautiful picture you paint -- you sitting in the darkened room, your daughter slipping off to sleep, as you crochet and think of your brother so far away. Just let him read this post, and he will cherish that quilt forever!

Rhondamum said...

I love the part that while you are working on your brother's blanket, it is time "with him". I should learn how to do that. I have a huge box of yarn that was my grandmother's that I havn't known what to do with. Thanks for the spark in my imagination!

Keep an eye on your mail box!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

you're so full of love... it shows in your work.

Firefly Hill said...

What a lovely and special person you are Abbie! Your brother is going to love it! Please tell your brother how much we appreciate him!!


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I love that you are making the blanket for your brother and thinking of him as you go about the work. With so much love going in to that piece he is sure to treasure it always. God bless him and you. My brother in law is there as well, though no longer in the military he's an aircraft mechanic living on base and he's never far from our thoughts.