Saturday, February 16

Wonderful packages and five things..

Oh! I had such a wonderful Valentine's Day! I hope everyone else did too. First, the mail came and I had two packages!! Yeay! Love getting mail, especially from fabulous friends! First, my package from Tara had a beautiful blue rose teacup, Sutton of London tea, and a cream puff recipe!! Oh, it was so lovely to open her box, and on top, lay a page from a 1930 Newspaper. The real deal! Thank you so much for sharing such a treasure from your home, Tara!

The next fabulous package to arrive was from Sherry. Another YEAY!! A tin heart box was beautifully decorated and filled with fabulous crafting goodness! (♥and a few chocolates!) Wonderful tags, paper blooms and gorgeous red 'bling' hearts. Thank you Dear Sherry!

some of the goodies in my jars..

Alright, time to get down to business.. Rhonda tagged me to share five things that you don't already know.. hhmm.. I have shared alot lately, so this might be tricky..

1.) I was called 'bug eyes' in elementary school.. that was rough.. also four eyes.. yep, I wore glasses. In high school the eye doctor finally told me it was a waste of money for glasses, they didn't improve my eye sight, and I could see perfectly well out of my right eye. (stagmatism in the left) I never have been able to see 3D movies or pics.

2.) I am a plant killer. Love house plants, but they die horrible deaths when in my care. I do have some succulents, don't ask me what kind, I just know they thrive on abuse and neglect. (one is peeking in the top pic.)

3.) Love blue jeans. They are my most favorite piece of clothing, but none of them fit right since my last child.

4.) Love to travel, have seen the world, but TERRIFIED to fly ever since my first child was born. The last time I was on a plane I nearly threw up and I had an anxiety attack before I even boarded. (that was on meds..) The poor Stewardess, she tried so hard to calm me down, but I cried the entire flight.

5.) I feel awfully guilty if my home isn't spotless and neat because I am home all day. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I have the blessing of being a stay at home mom and I just want everything to be perfect. Needless to say, I have discovered over the past year I am NOT Martha. Not even close. lol!! Ugghh.. this was a devastating and painful realization for me.

Ok.. above is a sneak peek at tomorrows post.. I visited my aunt's 1810 NH home and I took some more pics for you!!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Hope you have a great weekend :-)

Oh and on #5.....I was that way when my kids were young.......thankfully, they assisted me in getting over it!

From one blue jeans gal to another ((hugs)) Rosie

Tara said...


SO glad you enjoyed your package--what a fun swap!

Firefly Hill said...


I love jeans too--always have! Wishing you a nice weekend!


amanda said...

Hi Abbie!

A friend sent me this link last night... Who knew that custom made jeans could be affordable? This pair starts at $48.

Happy Weekend!

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