Tuesday, April 1

A tremendous thank you!!

I would like to thank everyone who commented and emailed me in regards to my 'seeking balance post.' It made me feel so much better. Truly, every single one of you helped me. These are a few that stuck out to me and I have been rereading all of them over and over..

"I am wife, mother, artist, intellectual, friend... Even if they are not all apparent, they are all still within us. We just need to find the time and space to let them step forward..." -Mary

"You will find that only pleasing others will get old eventually and you will lose yourself doing so." -Caron

"Cabin fever sets in as I spin my wheels waiting for Spring to burst upon the scene, and soul-searching takes over.." -Paula

"Don't look back, what's done is behind you and can't be changed. Don't look ahead too far and linger in the "waiting" thoughts." -Dena

"Have you ever heard an older woman look back and lament over all the time spent with her children? I know I haven't....but I have heard many wishing they had spent more time with their families and are now filled with regret and wistfulness at the years and time lost." -Paula

The wonderful words and thoughts go on and on! Please read the comments, they are appropriate for anyone and carry much love and wisdom. Thank you for bringing me back to center.
My blogger friends rock! ;)
The above image of chickadees is a 1895 Denton print for you to use as you desire! Just click and save it!


Sandra Evertson said...

Gorgeous button collection!
Sandra Evertson

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love what Paula said! It is so true. No one ever says that!

Raising your children is such an important way to contribute to society in general......and I was fortunate that I could raise mine myself.....while working....even as a single Mom. Don't lose sight of your dreams for a creative career outside of your family.......timing is everything :-)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wonderful thoughts shared. The blogging community can be incredibly supportive and I've learned so much from it myself. Do you suppose that it's because people know that the button can be pushed to boot them to the next world if a comment isn't? ;D Wish that we had that option in real life!

Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

I'm glad you spoke out Abbie, as I also found encouragement and strength in what so many shared. 18 years ago,when I became a SAHM, who would have dreamed so much love and interactive support would be literally at one's fingertips?

Regarding Mary's comment that SAHM is a limiting label, I prefer to write "Domestic Engineer: Child Development Field Research" when I am asked for my occupation. :)