Tuesday, July 15

Congratulations!! It was so much fun!!

Yeay! Gail over at Mind Wide Open just posted the winner of her contest and it was Pat Winter!! She used the image to created the most magnificent memory box. Please stop by her blog to peek at it! It is just lovely!
and I have to say a huge 'Thank you!!' to everyone who voted for me! I never thought for a second that I'd get very many votes, let alone tie for second! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next challenge! everyone did such lovely work! Here are the links to some of my favorites!

Viola's Shadow Box (I voted for this one!!)
Bonnie's Vintage Style Apron &
Pam Carriker's Art Piece

Thank you Gail!


Myrna said...

WEll, congratulations on tying for second place!!

Sher said...

Congratulations on tying for second!! I have to admit your work was indeed one of my favorites - the colors, the beauty, the expression, the meaning - I think I looked at it 12 dozen times! Simply stunning - I can't wait for the next challenge, and I can't wait to see what beauty you will bring to each challenge :)
xo Sher

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Congratulations! I am extremely grateful to this Mind Wide Open challenge for leading me to your blog! I have spent the last 40 minutes going through your archives and enjoying it tremendously. You are such an inspiration! Your pictures are all so lovely. I will look forward to reading your wonderful blog from now on! Twyla

Viola said...

Congratulations, Abbie! It was really a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next challenge, too! :o)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wow! Congrats on tying for second place, indeed! That's wonderful given the incredible competition.

Angie(quillysilly) said...

You go girl!! I'm not suprised for a moment that you did so well! Can't wait to see what you do for the next one and what Gail proposes for the challenge! Angie

Mary said...

Congratulations on tying for second! I love your new profile photo -- is it a shadow box?

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Congrats Abbie :) By the way, I love what you have written in your bio!