Sunday, July 13

Eye Candy...

Above are a few of my bits and bobbles. The button card is for the Vintage Button Card Swap I am hosting over at Buton Floozies. Come and join the fun! Below that are some of my vintage brooches and necklaces. The center one is sterling, but I just can't bare to polish it yet. Someday... the last image is of my new storage. I have take a room full of crap and reduced it to these few, pretty boxes. I have 5 LARGE mailing boxes, full, that I will be either listing in my Etsy shop or giving away here. (Haven't decided yet..)

The antique bee image is just for you! Use them in your art! Enjoy! Don't forget to click on the clipart link below and follow your nose to more fabulous images!


Kathleen Grace said...

OOh, lovely eye candy, tow of my favorite things. Buttons and vintage jewelry!

Angie(quillysilly) said...

The button card is fabulous and I've saved the bee images too! Thank you for always sharing...I'm crossing my fingers for you at the Mind Wind Open challenge girl!!! Toodles...Angie

Tara said...

Hi Abbie

Glad you are back puttering along with me! I always save your giveaways...don't know what I'll do with them but I think I may some day figure it out! Hope kiddies are enjoying summer!

Jane said...

Lovely Abbie!
Thanks so much for the bees!