Friday, October 10


OK, as some of you might of noticed, I am going through an identity crisis right now. My blog keeps flip flopping and if you come back in a little while, I'm sure, again, it will be changed. :) Sorry, I love change, thrive on it actually, and since most everything in life is the same right now, I'm changin' up my blog. Again. Keeps things fresh! You never know what you're gonna get here!

Anyhooo.. I have been on the search for an afghan. Not just any afghan, but a bright colored one with a black border. (We have a lot of black, reds, golds, and greens in our home) I had clipped out several inspiration pics from magazines and was keeping them in case I needed to break down and make own. Well, I didn't have to! After loosing one on Ebay (I tried to swipe it last second and Ebay didn't take my bid! Aaahh! I hate it when that happens..) I did finally manage to win the bid on one a few weeks ago. It is beautiful!! 100% wool, vintage, needed just slight repair, and 80% of the price went to a homeless shelter. (which is a good thing, because it was foolishly expensive) Oh, but it was so worth it! I love my afghan! ♥ Thank you sweetheart. (He is the one who told me to keep bidding, I would have stopped early on.)

The top picture is of my afghan in the rocker in our 'red' living room. The two pillows in front of it are a few I made this season. My favorite is the small plaid pillow with the leaf. I am finding peace in hand stitching right now. It brings sense of satisfaction to make things for my home, not just to buy them. The last two pics are the inspiration clippings I kept.

Have a lovely weekend!


amanda said...

I am addicted to change, too! This is the longest I have lived in one place and I am itching to move. So - instead - I rip the house apart weekly. My husband never knows where things go, so when (I mean "if") he unloads the dishwasher or the dryer, he just stacks things and leaves them for me to put "wherever!"

And congrats on the potty training! Yay!!!!!! Such a relief, huh? Glad things are going better!

I've been painting Mena's toenails so she can "let them dry" while I soak or shower. (During Sunshine's 1st nap of the day.) She loves it! She has to share everything else with the little one, so this makes her feel special. Aren't we the creative pair?! But hey - at least we're finding a way to bathe! I'm sure we smell better!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh yes, I know about change! :) I have had my new background and header for just a couple of days..and already..thinking of another..I need to get a grip! :)
My house is always changing too.

I have two of those afghans. One of them is SO heavy and huge that is a pain just to move it around. It probably would fit the top of a king size bed easily. None I have ever owned has been so heavy. I also own another one that is similar..and it is small and light.
The larger one is definately not to use to throw over one in the evening. NOPE..this is for BIG SNOW country! :)
Thanks so much for sharing. (I also have lost on ebay trying to snag!) ~smile~ Glad you finally found one that you love!