Thursday, September 21


Yesterday was my husbands birthday. We had family over, yadda, yadda, yadda. What I wanted to get to was what I gave him! Bells! Well, actually a windchime-bell. Made in Maine and most wonderful.
You can hear the windbells here. They have a beautifully haunting sound and the black color goes excellent with our colonial home.
We get some good wind, so I think that they will sound lovely here. Our home is almost complete. The kitchen is so close to completetion I can taste it. The company that installed our counter tops (soapstone) wants to use our kitchen as one of their show kitchens on their website. Ithink they come next week sometime to photograph. When the images get put on their site, I'll post the link. Til then, my kitchen is top secret! ;)
It's kindof exciting to have a 'showroom' kitchen. I love working in it, now that the drawers are in and everything has its place. 28 drawers. That's ALOT of drawer space for a kitchen. Everything down low, instead of cupboards, are drawers. I wanted to be able to access the space without having to squat and bend down. The most brilliant idea I think I've had far.


Anonymous said...

What a great present! Looks perfect with the house.
Looking forward to see your kitchen. We will get one from Ikea. I planned it with a programm, was a lot of fun.

Abbie said...

ooo.. Ikea! That should be a FANTASTIC kitchen! They have so many wonderful custom features!
:) Abbie

Tammy said...

I found your blog while doing a google search on soapstone countertops. We're remodeling and I'm entertaining soapstone even though it's not easy to come by down south where I am. I would love to see a pic of your kitchen. Where's that link and is your kitchen showcased on it still? Just wondering. Thanks! ~ Tammy