Wednesday, December 20

The New Year..

I feel some changes coming for 2007 with my blog and my shop. While I was laying in bed this morning my uterus felt huge, and , if I held my breath, I'm pretty sure I felt some tiny movements. (After three kids, I hope I can finally tell the difference between gas and kicks..) I have more energy now. the house is clean. The gift for J is done. I had a lovely dinner last night and its time to start working again. (on my art) I miss it. Doing crafts is fun also, but I need to create something lasting. Something that speaks more than dollar signs. I have sold all the collage packs I put together, so now, to start the year off, I am gonna clean house in my studio. That means CLEARANCE SALES for supplies in my store. (but not until the holidays are over..)

The air is changing. Winter is here in a few days. T is runnin' free and life is good. (T runnin' free is NOT a good thing..)

:) Abbie

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Anke said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Have a great time and enjoy having the energy back!