Wednesday, May 30

Ideal Woman

'Ideal Woman' Mixed Media Collage 5.29.07 by ME

I am in no way insinuating that I am even close to the 'Ideal Woman'. But perhaps in my very pregnant stage I am as close to natures intentions as I can get. This collage is on an 8" x 8" canvas and framed in rough wood. The original photo of me was taken by Caron Gonthier. I placed a transparency of 1935 London over the entire image; collaged 1888 newspaper clippings around the edge along with vintage dictionary definitions (the focus of the page being the word 'self'). I surrounded my image with antique and vintage buttons. (anther element I adore to collect but very rarely utilize.) The four sides of the box each wear a different Bengali word and English translation. The top is 'Ideal Woman', the botton is 'Ideal Wife', one side says 'Genuine, Real' and the other says 'Beloved'.

This is the first honest piece of art that I have created in a long time. I haven't actually worked with most of the elements that I sell in my shop. Ironic isn't it? Sort of like the phrase 'Ideal Woman'.


Anonymous said...

This is what I see: Repetition of circles - belly and buttons, appearance of age - old wood, old buttons, old newsprint. The word "consumption" catches my eye - to eat. Consumption was also another term for tuberculosis. The lines in the map overlay connote blood vessels for me. Travel is in your blood? Is there a reason you boxed this image in with a frame. We make choices on conscious and unconscious levels and sometimes the unconscious choices say more about you.

Just my cursory thoughts. Interesting piece. :-)


Abbie said...

Thank you C! hmm.. feeling boxed in.. travel in my veins? Definitely.
:) Abbie

Anke said...

Wow, what a piece of art! I love it! I bet it felt good to create such a beautiful piece.