Thursday, June 19

A Rose Will Bloom

'She Dreams' Digital Collage 6.18.08

'A Rose Will Bloom' Digital Collage 6.17.08

I have been playing with some tools on Photoshop. I love the borders (distressed, etc..) that you can put around your images, but 1.) didn't want to pay for them and 2.) wanted to possibly incorporate them in designs to sell. To do that I needed to generate my own, so as to not worry about copyright infringement, etc. I really enjoy trying to figure things out, and at some point I'd love to take more PC design courses. But, for right now, I can self teach on my own time and again, it's free! I'm desperately trying to save up enough for a new fancy, schmancy laptop so I can work anywhere in the house and not have to worry about file size. Right now I'm close to collapsing our PC. Sometimes it takes forever to crunch the numbers on some of the files I'm using. hope everyone is enjoying their almost-summer months! Today is my son's last day of school and then the fun begins! Trips to the lake (about 2 minutes away), picnics, slip and slide,
soccer camp, etc. Enjoy!


Anke said...

Wonderful! Enjoy your new journey with Photoshop! I want a Graphics board sometime to add my own little you have one?
And of course enjoy your summer with your family!!!!!
Smiles and hugs, Anke ;)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Very creative and truly wonderful...

I am aware that so much can be done with PhotoShop, but I have figured out so little.

amanda said...

I love it!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so glad to have you back... Did I mention how much you've been missed at the start of my day?


P.S. I will need some help in a couple of weeks when I get photoshop. Yes - I am a photographer without it, and I'm about to give in. I can't wait to try some textures and borders!!!